Maria Ilia is a Brussels-based freelance Architect and Visual Artist, providing high-quality and sophisticated live video mapping and bespoke light installations for events, cultural centers, and festivals around Europe. Since 2018 she has realized more than 60 live video mapping performances/installations in Belgium, in several cities in France, and Berlin. Apart from video mapping, she is occasionally providing DJ sets and organizing cultural events and creative workshops, under her project Experignon (experimental + mignon); a series of collaborative projects, aiming to stimulate a creative explosion.


From 2015 to 2018 she was working as an Architect at the architecture office SumProject+SumResearch. Through her professional carrier at Sum she was involved in major architectural and urban projects. She had the chance to extend her architectural role to more organizational and communicational levels, by designing a brand new communication strategy for the office, introducing its active involvement in social media, and creating a fresh and contemporary website for SumProject+SumResearch. She was nominated as the representative of the stagiers of Bruxelles and Braband Wallon by the Ordre des Architectes of Belgium. 


In 2015 she has graduated from a two-year Master’s program in Architecture at the University of KU Leuven (Sint-Lucas, Ghent). She has also completed a three-year Bachelor in Architecture at the University of East London (RIBA I) in the United Kingdom, as well as a full five-year cycle of studies in Chemistry (Aristotle University, Greece). Notably, at the university of KULeuven she was the student representative in the International Educational Committee. Her multitude of academic interests was complemented by a wide variety of artistic skills and social activities. During her studies, she has been involved in various start-up projects and collectives as a short-filmmaker and illustrator and has experimented with a variety of other techniques for her creative projects, including 3D printing, CNC machine, and laser-cutting.

photo by Lewin Ge Lewin