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video mapping is a live or automated projection of visuals on custom-made objects arranged on a bespoke three-dimensional scenography, turning them into display surfaces that flow in harmony with the music and the atmosphere of the event.

maria ilia with her rich academic and professional experience has developed the complete package for providing high-quality and sophisticated video mapping performances and installations:

  • experience in architecture: brainstorming with the client, site survey, digital 3D proposals, stage design and scenography, structure design, construction, installation, and high professionalism

  • experience in science: analysis, experimentation, and observation in order to reach the appropriate result

  • experience in filmmaking and illustration: development of custom-made loops and visuals for commissioned projects

  • experience in djing/vjing – live performance following the sound and the vibes of the audience

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video mapping can be used on several occasions:

  • cultural centres/exhibitions

  • public spaces for outdoor events

  • festivals/clubs/venues/concert halls

  • theatre/dance performances

  • private events/weddings/corporate event/promo campaigns

  • video clips and artistic projects

video mapping has numerous applications from live performances to automated installations
the complete package of a live video mapping performance includes the following services:

  • brainstorming with the client

  • precise architectural site survey 

  • design of proposals of possible structures on 3D software for review 

  • project management and artistic programmation (sound and light artists) 

  • rental of equipment (projectors, sound, and light),  transport,  installation, and dismantle

  • construction of 3D large-scale structure, transport,  installation, and dismantle

  • custom made visuals

  • live video mapping performance

  • teaser video and after movie for social platforms

any combination of the above services is possible depending on the request

video mapping is an absolute added value on every occasion:

it offers a 3D feeling to the venue

  • it stimulates more senses; from hearing to sight, to the sense of space and a sense of belonging

  • it is an inspiring environment for the artists (ex. DJs, musicians) to provide an optimal performance

  • it makes people wonder how is this possible and gives them the feeling of being in a dream

  • it always delivers a memorable experience to the visitors of the event

  • It is quite photogenic and invites visitors to capture and communicate their special moment

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