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Architectural Vision Meets Artistic Innovation

Maria Ilia emerges in the realm of creative expression as an accomplished architect and a visionary video mapping artist crafting captivating visual experiences by providing high-quality, sophisticated live video mapping performances and bespoke light installations. Her work has illuminated a variety of events, cultural centers, concert halls and festivals across Europe, showcasing her skill in transforming spaces into immersive artistic environments. Her journey intertwines the precision of architecture with the fluidity of visual art, setting a new standard in the interdisciplinary world of creative innovation.

A Diverse Educational Foundation

With a solid educational foundation that encompasses a Master's in Architecture from the University of KU Leuven, a Bachelor in Architecture from the University of East London, and comprehensive studies in Chemistry at Aristotle University, Greece, Maria's educational journey is a testament to her multifaceted interests and it brings a unique blend of knowledge to her artistry.


Architecture Foundational Work at a Prominent Architectural Firm

Maria's early career saw her contributions at SumProject+SumResearch, a prestigious Belgian architectural firm with a legacy spanning over half a century. Her role extended beyond conventional architectural tasks, as she reimagined the firm's communication strategy and curated exhibitions celebrating the city’s rich history. Her achievements were recognized when she was appointed as the representative of trainees for Brussels and Brabant Wallon by the Ordre des Architectes of Belgium.

The Artistic Leap to Video Mapping

From her early years, Maria Ilia demonstrated a strong artistic inclination, which naturally led her to the innovative field of video mapping; an art form that blends technology with creativity, involves projecting visual content onto any surface or three-dimensional structure, creating immersive experiences that synchronize harmoniously with music. Maria's artistic journey saw a rapid ascent within the first years of her career, rooted in Brussels. During this time, she showcased her creativity through more than 70 live performances and video mapping installations across Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, and Luxembourg. Her debut in video mapping was marked by a live video mapping performance on an 8-meter-long stage design for the annual Night of the Architects in Brussels in 2018, marking her first venture into three-dimensional mapping. Driven by her passion, Maria graced stages across a range of iconic and prestigious cultural venues and renowned concert halls, collaborating with various collectives, cities and major festivals. Her exploration of new mediums, including mapping on human bodies and live mural paintings, highlights her ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of video mapping. 

Versatile Creative

Maria's creative versatility knows no bounds. Her passion extends beyond architecture and video mapping, encompassing roles as a place maker, short filmmaker, illustrator, and more. With a commitment to fostering creativity in various forms, she has experimented with techniques like silk screening, 3D printing, CNC machining, and laser-cutting. Notably, Maria has also ventured into TV series set production, where she skillfully combines conventional software with innovative AI tools to ensure accuracy—a testament to her dedication and pioneering spirit in integrating AI into artistic projects. Moving beyond static graphics, Maria ventures into the dynamic realm of filmmaking, seamlessly transitioning from hand-drawn illustrations to VFX techniques, showcasing her versatility as a true storyteller.

Visual Storyteller

Her expertise extends into historical and spatial analysis, prominently featured in her work in expo curation and design. Maria's role as a place-making consultant highlights her pivotal contributions to the design and programming of significant urban features, including fountain programming and public square design, elevating the daily experience of city centers. Collaborating across diverse sectors, Maria engages with the public sector, cultural institutions, activist groups, and collectives. Her design solutions, characterized by meticulous research and creative flair, are customized to meet the unique needs of each client.