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Maria stands as a dynamic design professional, offering a distinctive skill set that transforms creative visions into impactful realities. Her proficiency in graphic design transcends conventional boundaries, harnessing cutting-edge AI tools to ensure not just visual appeal but also effective communication of complex information. Moving beyond static graphics, Maria ventures into the dynamic realm of filmmaking, seamlessly transitioning from hand-drawn illustrations to VFX techniques, showcasing her versatility as a true storyteller.

Her expertise extends into historical and spatial analysis, prominently featured in her work in expo curation and design. Maria's role as a place-making consultant highlights her pivotal contributions to the design and programming of significant urban features, including fountain programming and public square design, elevating the daily experience of city centers.

Collaborating across diverse sectors, Maria engages with the public sector, cultural institutions, activist groups, and collectives. Her design solutions, characterized by meticulous research and creative flair, are customized to meet the unique needs of each client. This design projects page serves as a testament to her skills, providing a glimpse into a portfolio that transcends conventional design boundaries, consistently delivering impactful and meaningful contributions to every project.

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