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#WaterscapeProject #UrbanRenewal #CommunityBuilding 

(project still in process...)

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Inspired by visits to Coney Island in 2014, this proposal addresses the social and environmental challenges faced by the area. Despite issues like disconnected communities and environmental risks, Coney Island's potential remains a focal point. The analysis uses streetscapes to extend urban elements into the waterscape around Coney Island Creek, proposing interventions for better connectivity. These interventions create a platform for a new water mobility system, aiming to revitalize the Creek and provide improved water access, even in emergencies. The proposed interventions, including a water-related center and an art and culture center, blend harmoniously with their surroundings. The programmatic functions focus on practical skills related to water, food, and arts, acting as a catalyst for building a self-sufficient community. The project envisions new spaces for social interaction, fostering community bonds and addressing issues like unemployment and low education.

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