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Maria, in her expanded role as an architect at Sumproject+Sumresearch office, curated the special exhibition 'Sounds for the Future XXXXX'. Marking the commemoration of the office's 50th anniversary, this transformative event turned a workspace into a temporary exhibition venue, inviting visitors on a unique journey through the architectural legacy of Sum. Thematic sections explored 50 years of expertise, entrepreneurial partnerships, urban design, research on urban thinking and society, the continuity of livable environments, and the contemporary role of the architect. Maria, deeply immersed in the project, conducted extensive research on the office's rich history. Beyond curation, she meticulously crafted engaging content, showcasing selected projects across the office through panels, videos, and architectural models. Maria's design expertise extended to the expo's flyer, featuring diagrammatic plans illustrating the project placements on different floors. The 'Open House' event provided a platform for meaningful discussions, nostalgic reflections, and shared visions, marking a significant celebration of an architectural journey.

03-04 December 2016
@ Sum Office, Brussels BE
in collaboration SumProject+SumResearch

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