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#ResearchArchitect #InfographicDesign #ExpoDesign 

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Maria, in her role as a research architect at Sumproject+Sumresearch office, conducted a comparative study of Lagos, Mumbai, and Los Angeles. This research culminated in the creation of insightful infographics that played a pivotal role in the "Day Your Lane: Lagos in an Expanding World" expo at the Horta Hall of The Centre of Fine Arts, Bozar in Brussels from June 17 to September 4, 2016. The expo, featuring photography, video, and soundscapes, provided a comprehensive exploration of Lagos' dynamic urbanization. Maria's timeline, a significant component of the exhibition, showcased the dates of the art pieces, offering a temporal context to the collective and individual dynamics of Lagos. The exhibition, emphasizing art, culture, and sustainable development, encouraged reflection on the evolving role of cities like Lagos in shaping inclusive, resilient, and livable urban spaces for the growing global population.

17 June - 4 September 2016

@ Bozar, Brussels BE
in collaboration with Bozar/ SamProject+SumResearch

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