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#mappingacircustent #livevideomapping #videomappinginstallation #outdoorevent

The live video mapping performance on the circus tent of LaBuenaVentura took place in various locations, including WanterFeeling, the Christmas market at Sanem Castle in Luxembourg, Jam 'in Jette, and Bitume Festival, even at a private wedding. The inside of the Chapiteau serves as a venue or stage, hosting live spectacles, while its exterior is illuminated with colorful projections of visuals tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each event.

@ Château de Sanem, Luxembourg, LU
in collaboration with LaBuenaVentura
/ Wanter Feeling / City of Samen 

21 September 2019
@ Parc Parmentier, Brussels,BE
Private event - Wedding

13 July 2019
@ Vielsalm, BE
in collaboration with LaBuenaVentura / Bitume festival​

17 - 19 May 2019
@ Parc de la Jeunesse, Jette, BE
in collaboration with LaBuenaVentura / Jam'in Jette festival

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