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#ProjectManagement #MuseumDesign #ArchitecturalCompetition

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Maria, in her role as project manager at SumProject, led the innovative "Le Chat" Museum project in Brussels, navigating unique challenges with expertise. The museum, situated within a building block, overcame visibility issues and historical constraints by proposing a design that not only respected regulations but also revitalized lost historical qualities, such as a street and green spaces.

The project's implantation involved the demolition of the existing building, paving the way for a new structure that optimally accommodates the ambitious program. The underground space was utilized for the permanent exhibition, emphasizing flexibility and potential connections with neighboring cultural institutions. The design, respecting views and accessibility, introduces a new public path, facilitating a journey through the site while creating an inviting and functional space that contributes to the cultural landscape of Brussels.

 October 2017
@ Royal Square site, Brussels BE
in collaboration with SumProject+SumResearch
/ B. van der Wee Architects / Ney and Partners / VK Engineering

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