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 #VisualJourney #ImmersiveArtistry #FrameAndReflections

Each artwork features an empty frame adorned with suspended elements like crystals and broken mirrors. Video mapping, powered by a single projector, brings the frames to life with diverse visuals. The narrative begins with "Loving," projecting abstract visuals and keywords that tell a story. It progresses to "Hurting" and concludes with "Healing." This ongoing tale circles back from "Healing" to "Loving," creating a perpetual, immersive experience. This unconventional project leans towards performance art, still in its early stages and open to further evolution. Feel free to connect for more details on this captivating journey.


Title: Loving_Hurting_Healing

Production year: 2018

Materials used: Projetor, visuals, frames,

crystals, mirrors and other

Dimensions: 65cm x 55cm (each one)

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