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Each artwork consist of an empty frame with hanging elements (crystals, broken mirrors and other). 

Video mapping is used to project different visuals on each frame (only one projector is needed for all three). 

Reflections of the hanging elements give life to the area around the artworks. The story starts with the "Loving" where abstract visuals (inside the frame) and keywords (outside of the frame) are projected to the artwork. It continues with the "Hurting" and ends up with the "Healing". There is a never ending story unfolding through time, presented through visuals and words, that circles back from the "Healing" to "Loving". I would rather describe it more as an experience or performance. Since, it is not a traditional artwork, I am open to discuss more in detail about the idea, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information. Also, it is a project that I have started working on very recently, never presented anywhere else, so it will possibly evolve further.


Title: Loving_Hurting_Healing

Production year: 2018

Materials used: Projetor, visuals, frames,

crystals, mirrors and other

Dimensions: 65cm x 55cm (each one)

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