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#ArtisticInstallation #UrbanArt #CommunityEngagement


Maria participated in the "Make Brussels" 3-day marathon organized by Visit Brussels, showcasing the "Salon Plein Air" project. With the assistance of local experts and specialists during the marathon, Maria designed this ambitious initiative to transform the Notre-Dame-aux-Neiges neighborhood, symbolizing constitutional freedoms in Brussels, by enhancing its artistic and social appeal. Despite its symbolic significance, the neighborhood faced a lack of vibrancy and negative impacts from events affecting its commercial life. Maria's creative response was to propose an artistic wooden installation, forming an urban salon, designed to engage residents and local businesses. This intervention aimed to promote collective expression through engraved positive messages, collected via a dedicated website and local outreach. The project, orchestrated by Maria, in collaboration with the Recyclart ASBL association reached the final phase of the Make Brussels marathon. 

26 - 29 May 2016
@Brussels Info Place (BIP), Brussels BE
organised by Visit.Brussels  / City of Brussels

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