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#UrbanThresholdProject #SustainableMobilityHub #MicrocosmosDesign  

Shots of the 1:25 model of the livable space showing atmosphere of everyday life    

Ample interior and exterior spaces are created through a project that enhances and improves the connection with the water and the communication with the urban surroundings, while acting as a threshold from the open public space to a space that offers informal opportunities for exploration through views, circulation and social interaction. Three types of buildings are placed in each side of the triangular site, each one responding through programme and shape to its neighbouring environment: a residential building with pervious ground floor, facing the canal and the new mediatheque, separate residential buildings with commercial ground floor along the residential alley and semi-transparent office buildings opening the site to the “entrance of the city”. As it is located in a very strategic point -between the highway and the centre of the city- it works as a mobility hub, filtering car traffic into sustainable mobility through its large underground parking capacity. Generally, the project communicates harmonically with the urban surrounding. Its added value is the new public space generated, with a distinctive green note and a connection to the water, as well as the variety of elements, atmospheres and programmes, through which it becomes a small world of its own; a Microcosmos.

Possible scenarios

Situational plan scale 1:500

Sectual Perspective of the proposal - Illustration - Scale 1:50

Shots of the 1:500 laser cut model set in the environment    

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