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#ExpoParticipation #PostcardDesign #PlaceMaking

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Maria actively participated in the workshop 'ParckFarm - Afterlife' as part of the Parckdesign 2014 festival, led by architect and professor Petra Pferdmenges. Held at Bhyrr in Brussels, the workshop aimed to explore a sustainable vision for the temporary urban farm beyond the festival's duration, focusing on its potential impact on the larger urban development of Tour & Taxis. Festival attendees engaged in individual explorations, envisioning the lasting influence of the urban farm. The workshop's outcome manifested in an exhibition of 60 postcards—one per participant—displayed at Bhyrr in Brussels. These postcards served as a medium to initiate discussions among various stakeholders, including local inhabitants, city planners, and politicians. The objective was to stimulate dialogue about the potential afterlife of ParckFarm beyond the Parckdesign 2014 festival.

04 April 2014

@Bhyrr, Brussels BE
organised by Petra Pferdmenges / Parck Design

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