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#ActivismInDesign #IllustrationCraft #FlyerDesign

Maria took great joy in creating the illustration and flyer for the last "Picnic The Streets," an annual activist movement in Brussels. The persistent efforts of this movement bore fruit when policymakers finally recognized the need to transform the street into a pedestrian zone. The unconventional approach of abruptly closing the street without notice aimed to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of pedestrianizing the area.

The illustration and flyer not only function as invitations but also as humble calls to action, encouraging participation in a sit-in and picnic while fostering community engagement and advocating for a safer, more connected cityscape. Despite the success of transforming the street into a pedestrian haven, the visuals also draw attention to a new concern: the potential increase in traffic. This serves as a gentle reminder that, while progress has been made, the broader project of urban transformation is an ongoing journey. Maria's continued dedication was evident as she later contributed to the pedestrianization project while working as an architect at Sumproject+SumResearch, the architecture firm that took over the Pietonnier project, leaving a modest yet lasting impact on reshaping the urban landscape of Brussels. 

8 June 2014
@ the steps of La Bourse, Brussels BE
in collaboration with activist group PicNic the Streets

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