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Maria, contributing to the architectural plans, in the Sterea Complex project situated close to Zaventem Airport, just outside Brussels. Encompassing over 70 hectares, SumProject's master plan and redevelopment of the former racecourse redefine the landscape, emphasizing ecological and natural assets. "Sterea" emerges as a multifunctional marvel, seamlessly blending an 18-hole golf course with various residential typologies comprising 300 units in apartments, villas, and park residences. Beyond residential spaces, the complex caters to tourism with a hotel, an exclusive wellness center, as well as offices, shops, and expansive public spaces for recreational and social experiences. This unique blend positions Sterea as an ideal destination for families and businesses alike. The project fosters a dynamic and lively environment, offering a spectrum of activities from walking and sports to leisure and relaxation. The carefully curated mix of amenities ensures economic feasibility, with each element complementing the others, fostering synergy between different demographics and enhancing the overall quality of life on the site.

@ Sterrebeek, Brussels BE
in collaboration with SumProject / VK Engineering 

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