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In July 2014, Maria actively participated in the kick-off workshop of the Common Streetscapes project, a collaborative effort between Flanders and the Netherlands. This international workshop,organized by Prof. Dr. Arch. Kris W.B. Scheerlinck, centered around Coney Island, brought together approximately 20 participants from various European countries. The focus was on discussing and proposing innovative ideas for streetscapes and waterscapes in this iconic location. 

The final presentation took place at Flanders House New York, located in The New York Times Building. The event included a reception for participants, inviting professionals, field experts, and enthusiasts to engage in discussions surrounding the collaborative efforts shaping the future of urban spaces. Additionally, Maria contributed to the Streetscape Territories research seminar in New York. This seminar, held in November 2014, brought together professionals and researchers from Flanders, the Netherlands, and New York (KU Leuven, TU Delft, Pratt Institute, in collaboration with Consulate General of the Netherlands and Flanders House New York). The aim was to share ideas and expertise on the development and design of streetscapes and public spaces by empowering local communities to face future challenges, this integrated project spanned seminars, workshops, round tables, publications, and events.

15 - 25 July & 02 - 13 November 2014
@ Flanders House New York, New York Times Building, New York, USA
organised by with Streetscape Territories

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