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The Winter Circus Ghent renovation stands as a pivotal aspect of the "De Krook" urban revitalization initiative, situated on a picturesque bend along the Scheldt River. Formerly the Garage Mahy, it has undergone a transformative metamorphosis into a versatile space seamlessly woven into the urban fabric. Spearheaded by SumProject and Baro Architecture, the project encompasses a range of spaces around the former circus track, now a vibrant public courtyard, hosting novel economic and social functions. Notable features include a subterranean concert hall accommodating 500 people, a cafe on the central square, and a rooftop restaurant boasting a panoramic terrace. Rooted in a history dating back to 1894, the Winter Circus cherishes its heritage while embracing contemporary utility. Its sustainable design integrates a CO2-neutral heating system, harnessing geothermal energy through a BEO field. Maria, during her tenure as an architect at SumProject, led a three-day workshop at the Winter Circus site, focused on leveraging 3D Laser Scanning Technology for Measured Building Surveys and photographic documentation before the renovation commenced. The comprehensive program included programmatic briefing analysis, level analysis survey, and a detailed exploration of undocumented parts of the structure.

November 2016

@ Wintercircus, Ghent, BE
in collaboration with SumProject / Baro Architecture

 Sogent / City of Ghent / Atelier Kempe Thill / VK Engineering 

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