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A live video mapping performance on a large-scale mapping installation, that flows in harmony with the sounds of a thoughtfully selected line-up, invites the greater public of Brussels to experience a festive atmosphere during the 4 days of Bright Festival. The mapping installation is carefully placed at the skate park of Ursulines, a strategic location in the fracture axes that have been created in the medieval city in order to connect the North and the South station.  Maria apart from her video mapping performance on a 40-meter long grid, she overtook the complete project management of the four-day long event, including artistic programmation, material rental, installation, etc in collaboration with and the city of Brussels.​ Bright Brussels is a festival of lights, a fascinating itinerary through the city made up of about twenty interactive, playful and captivating light installations. 

13-16 February 2020
@ Skatepark Ursulines, Brussels, BE
in collaboration with Bright Brussels Festival of Lights
/ Visit.Brussels / City of Brussels

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