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#ExpoCuration #HistoricalAnalysis #PedestrianEvolution


Embark on a captivating historical journey through Brussels' urban fabric at the Expo Pietonnier curated by Maria in the iconic La Bourse building. From September 8 to October 1, 2017, this exhibition, part of the expansive Expo Sublime organized by the City of Brussels – Department of Urban Planning, delved into the rich history of the city's central boulevards. Free and open to the public, this exposition showcased a unique timeline featuring 15 maps of the Pentagon of Brussels. Each map highlighted a pivotal historical moment that significantly influenced the future of the pedestrian streets. Through meticulous historical analysis, the narrative of Brussels' urban evolution was unraveled, offering visitors a fascinating insight into the city's transformation. Maria's involvement in this project predates her architectural endeavors. Years earlier, she was part of the activist movement "Picnic The Streets," passionately advocating for the reclaiming of the city's public spaces. Explore the journey with a glimpse of the flyer Maria designed for the last Pic Nic the Street.

08 October 2017
@ La Bourse, Brussels BE
in collaboration with SumProject+SumResearch
/ City of Brussels / Department of Urban Planning

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