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#videomappinginstallation #lightfestival #corridorprojection #3Dmapping

The installation "Anamorphose" for LaVallée de l'Image 2019 is a 3D video mapping installation covering the length of the corridor at LaVallée, creating a sense of a portal that invites you to pass through to a new reality. Cosmic visuals are projected on the walls, ceiling, and floors of the corridor. Three anamorphoses are hidden in the installation, while the entire mapping installation functions as an anamorphosis as well, transforming as the visitor passes through the visual gate. LaVallée de l'image is an audiovisual multidisciplinary festival featuring mapping, installations, performances, workshops, and parties that took place in April 2018 and 2019 in LaVallée.

15 - 20 April 2019

@  LaVallée, Brussels, BE

in collaboration with  LaVallée / SmartBe 
/Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles

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