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#ceilingmappinginstallation #nordicfestival #hortahall

A video mapping installation that brings the Northern lights to BOZAR, within the framework of the Nordic Festival. Experience the Aurora Borealis passing through the ample skylights of the emblematic Horta Hall, designed by Victor Horta, aiming for an omnipresent natural light flooding  the space. A natural light display from high-latitude regions will be projected on the ceiling of the Horta Hall during the 10 days of the festival. About Nordic Festival: Always wanted to see the Northern Lights? BOZAR is bringing them to Brussels during this festival that celebrates the diversity, contrasts, and cultures of the Nordic region, while stubbornly looking beyond clichés. With a pop-up design shop and an ice-cold bar, with a proper fiddlers meeting, a hefty dose of hygge, and first and foremost, a great deal of music. Through these concerts, films, and talks, you will discover a world of innovation, tradition, whimsy… and even tango!


13-16 February 2020

@ Horta Hall Bozar, Brussels, BE (10-20.10.19)

in collaboration with  Bozar
/ Nordic Festival /  Nordic Culture Fund
/ Nordic Council of Ministers /  Norwegian Embassy


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